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We appreciate that your business might not need our want any of the outline programmes written about on other pages of this site.  Your Organisation prefers to identify the learning needs of your people probably through an effective Performance Management System: then have the linked training resources made to order. You might even run have an training department who mixes their own approach with external suppliers like ourselves.

If this is the case we have three great ways to boost what you already have.

        Training Needs Analysis Click to contact us

        Using specially designed interview, observation and analysis tools we can quickly determine and define the skills your people need.  We are especially good at researching and creating the unique competencies linked to the present and future success of your organisation.

         Training Design Click to contact us

         Out team of energetic, experienced and creative designers is ready to turn your known learning needs into an effective, fun and focused learning event: each design will have original exercises linked to work based projects to add the most value.

        Training of Trainers Click to contact us

       This is one of the most satisfying parts or our work.  Passing on what we have learned; encouraging others to design and run programmes in your Company.  Your business capability is permanently enhanced!

        Run pre-designed events

      If you find your regular trainer or facilitator is not available for a particular event we probably have someone who is already experienced in your topic who could step in to support temporarily.

All of the above events will also have a carefully produced evaluation process so you can measure the success and benefits.



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