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Phase One Sharing Your Clear Vision

We like to work with top teams or project teams to support strategy creation. Ideally we want to be involved from the outset if it is a new project but can work equally well with established teams. We use a range of methods that leads to neat visions, brief but clear mission statements and commitment to agreed values. This can be particularly useful when companies merge or enter into partnerships.

Typically we find it takes up two to three Workshops and over no more than two days in total. Events will be tailored to the needs and demands of your business to minimise time away from operational work. In very large organisations the time depends on how many people are involved with strategy and whether it is part of the overall business approach.

One of our favourite Mission statements was developed for The Authentic Food Company ( It shows how we were able to identify the goals of the business and use the right metaphors to reflect those ideals in a short but meaningful maxim. All current staff and new recruits are clear about the type of company they work for: the way in which it expects them to perform and the kind of working climate they can expect. A great contract.

To achieve a similar Vision and Mission for your business we will use Stakeholder Analysis and Hexagon Mapping to create a shared view of the culture and style of your company. During the creation of the map a “new language” emerges that describes your unique aims such that choosing the right words to pin point and communicate that special essence becomes easier.

By using this process ownership is high.

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