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Coaching is one of the most efficient and effective ways to improve individual skills. During each meeting, which lasts between one and two hours, we focus on goals directly linked to current work issues. This solution focused approach helps individuals grow and provides a quick lift in productivity and effectiveness.

Case Study: Customer Service

As part of a Management of Change project I was asked to coach a Manager who runs a Call Centre. The Call Centre is the key contact point between Clients and the organisation. At the time they were expanding thus needing to alter workloads, change work patterns and take on new staff that were recruited from other internal departments. During our coaching meetings we identified three key areas to concentrate on:

Coaching Goals

1. Revise how he collaborates with other departments within the organisation to identify effects of any new systems and agree revised, shared and agreed operating actions.

2. Induction and training of new staff including smoothing their arrival into a well established, united and effective team.

3. Handling a series of day to day "complaints" from staff and customers alike to improve service, maintain and lift morale. We planned an approach to create a revised team culture of ownership, support and productivity that does not rely on the physical presence of the manager. This latter point was key as call statistics showed a fall in activity when he left the Call Centre to attend internal meetings.

Outcomes we delivered

Inter-departmental collaboration is proving a big success. Colleagues are pleased that they have increased involvement in how the Call Centre affects their work

New staff are easily integrated through a carefully constructed plan that focused on relationship building and communication with milestone action points and clear success criteria agreed.

A series of meetings planned with staff in call centre to discuss and agree shared view of team custom and practice with a view to agreeing new ways to handle day to day workflow

Better call handling, improved service stats

Case Study: Retail Operations Director

Trading results were falling in a difficult operating climate. Instructions on marketing and merchandising from the US did not reflect UK tastes and the style of delivery was affecting morale of teams within the outlets. The Director had build a sound working relationship with his team but was finding it increasing difficult to work under the growing pressure. We worked on three key elements that emerged from our coaching meetings. These were summarised in the following goals: -

Coaching Goals

1. How to maintain personal stamina in the face of heavy workloads and constant conflicting demands across a global business.

2. To create an open, straight talking and supportive relationship with his manager and agree strategic as well as tactical sales plans.

3. To manage and develop the skills of each team at each store.


Schedule of meetings organised where Agenda focused on specific issues causing morale problems.

Open climate created discussion and solving of problems that in turn caused lift in raised morale

Work life balance programme reduced ineffective time spent at work and "created" time for outside work activities.

Specific team learning targets created.

Reviews and individual coaching plans helped to improve each team member's performance. At worst they maintained output in very difficult trading conditions.



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