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Coaching is one of the best ways to learn. You can choose either Coaching through regular meetings or Just iN Time Coaching. If you want to read about some of our coaching work in more detail click here.

Coaching is an efficient and effective way to improve individual skills. During each meeting, which lasts between one and two hours, we focus on goals directly linked to current work issues. This solution focused approach helps individuals grow and provides a quick lift in productivity and effectiveness. We also focus on learning themes that emerge during the meetings so we build your skills in a way that you can apply them to a wide range of situations. In other words you end up with a broader repertoire of skills and a clear understanding or where and how to apply them.

There are two ways you can benefit.

Coaching - Meeting Regularly

Coaching is one of the best ways we know to learn. No top sports person is without a coach: and if they are they usually have a dip in form. Look at the careers of Martina Hingis and Lleyton Hewitt when they did not have a coach. The sports scene makes it clear what coaching is about: optimising the capability of an individual without having to be as good as them at what they do. Coaches bring the best out in you: they are on your side and sure of your ability. They can make you a world champion even if they have not been a world champion!

Imagine a one-to-one talk with someone who listens carefully and encourages you to think broadly; shows they know what you mean (without judging) and can sum up as you go: a great way to see your work issues from diverse views. Couple this with a solution focus; emphasis on where your capabilities lie; how to use them in a wider range of places and you have a good idea of what it is like to have a JFA coach. Ok so sometimes we might suggest one or two things as well, if it seems the most efficient way to add value.

There is one thing more; our coaches like to encourage you to have a goal related, action plan. We can then review progress at the start of the each meeting. In a work place coaching meeting the agenda is always set by you; you leave the process to us; we hold back the tide of your demanding job to give you some thinking space. Mumford, in his book Making Experience Pay, calls thinking “that most managerial of behaviours” and goes on to say that managers caught sitting, doing it are assumed to be doing nothing! But without it business is less capable of learning from experience and using that learning to make the future more efficient and effective.

Hence we have been offering one-to-one coaching as a way of increasing the capacity of individuals that in turn lifts the capacity of your organisation. Each meeting lasts between one and two hours and can be held anywhere to suit you. Ideally we would like to involve your line manager, supervisor or HR colleague to help us understand the climate in which you work better.

To describe all that coaching offers would take a book: in fact there are several hundred books on the topic. To get going we suggest you contact us and we will be delighted to meet with you and talk over the details without any pressure or obligation. Still a tad sceptical? Check out our case studies here*.

Coaching Just iN Time - using telephone or video
(You can book this on-line here)

Of course we know that problems don’t just hang about waiting for your coach to turn up at the arranged time! Or maybe you don’t want a regular set of meetings you just want to dip in when it suits you and you have a particular issue in mind. Or maybe an unforeseen lull in work pressure gives you a chance for a spot of learning and growth. Or maybe you are organising a training schedule and finding it impossible to get all your people together at the same time.

Just IN Time coaching is ideal for such situations. You can choose a date and time to suit you or your team member, book and pay on-line here and one of our coaches will make contact to make finalise the arrangements.

We have adapted our coaching style to suit this way of working and find that it produces just as good results. The only difference you will probably notice is slightly more “continuity noise”! And we will let you know what we mean by that right at the start of your first call. Click here to book your call.

Remember our cases are here




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