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Workshop One

Mapping Your Destiny

A typical Sharing Your Clear Vision Workshop looks like this. Naturally the workshop you buy will be matched to your special needs, culture and current business plans. Depending on your needs the timetable could spread over more than one event: each of those events will give you usable outcomes in their own right. At the end they will combine to create the outcomes below.

This is the first phase in a linked, flexible and effective strategy creation process. At the end of the Workshop you will have: -

A set of statements that clearly describe your vision, mission and values

High ownership of those statements and the underlying intent across your teams

If it is run in a division of a larger corporate enterprise these will blend and match your current overall strategic intent.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Clear Vision, Mission and supporting values written in a neat, meaningful way
  • A Plan to share the above with all staff
  • A shared view of your stakeholders and their wants
  • Stakeholders analysis used to deliver results
  • An enthused, informed and motivated leadership group
  • Outline action programmes that guide projects and form a base for your Corporate/Business Plan
  • A working document for all leaders, managers and staff

Workshop Activities

  • Introductions and setting our learning climate
  • Agreeing your expectations for the day & sharing your goals
  • The Role of Leadership in sharing the whole “Vision”
  • Dreams ambitions and stakeholder analysis
  • Creating your unique word list and phrasing your ideals
  • Capturing the essence of your offer

Workshop Style

  • Each Workshop will be an experiential learning event using structured exercises to achieve the outcomes. Time will be given to talking about your beliefs, dreams, and ambitions with lecture style input kept to a minimum. We will use a range of props and thinking aids to translate these thoughts into neat, clear and informative statements. We will finish by designing a way to share the whole “Vision” and how to use it to guide everyday actions.

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Our “Mapping Your Destiny Workshop” will provide you will the strategy that will make your ideals a reality. To read about that click here

To make contact with a JFA Consultant click here

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