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The Mental Side of the Game
Evidence in from Bundisliga that teams who do systematic mental toughness training improve results by 60% - more wins and draws: less losses. Fact!
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Mental toughness - thought for the week
Michael Own scored for Newcastle United over the weekend and was quoted in the papers today as saying “Confidence is a big thing in football and if you are not scoring everything seems to fall away. Hopefully now I will go on a nice little run.”
For us the worrying thing here is the word “hopefully”. It shows that Michael probably does not have a systematic mental approach to sustain feeling confident. And he needs more than just relying on scoring goals because doing that is not entirely in his control. He has to rely on his team mates not to mention the opposition, and on Sunday, the referee!

See the guiding principles...
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The guiding principles of mental toughness show the thinking behind sustaining winning ways.
In the European Trials several players who had tried other “psychological” approaches that included lectures and advice commented spontaneously that these previous methods had produced inhibition and made matters worse

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Steps in a typical programme
Teams who had been assisted with match a specific, systematic and regular kind of mental preparation achieved an improvement in their overall average results of more than forty percent [40%] when mixed with their usual training sessions. A typical system includes: -

    Completion of Sports Lifestyle Inventory
    Regular Meetings that are known to improve results by 60%
    Coaching meetings to discuss form and how to keep it
    Mental preparation for each game

If each player in the team is willing to put in the effort to lift their mental toughness and systematic preparation for each game you can expect: -

    Improved results
  Less injuries
  Lifestyle assessment quiz
  Using pressure positively
  Building sustainable results

Mental Toughness
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