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  MentalToughness-Principle One
Attitudes Are Important in achieving good, consistent and lasting results
Evidence shows that any sportsperson who does mental toughness training will get improved results by 30% -
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MentalToughness -Principle Two
Attitudes are partly a person’s reactions to others
Players will need to accept that a players reaction to referees, team mates and the opposition is their choice to make. Those choices can effect injury, results and touch
MentalToughness -Principle Three
Positive Attitudes can be increased given a systematic approach and application by the people involved

  MentalToughness - Principle Four
Increasing Positive Attitudes automatically reduces negative ones
Each of us has time for only a certain "amount" of attitude. You choose whether you put that time in with positive or negative atitudes. Our programme shows you a systematic and effective way to sustain positive attitudes and that automatically means no time left for the negative to creep in.

 MentalToughness - Principle Five
Positive attitudes can be increased.
Where this is most essential is during an “important” game or critical part of the season when, as the pressure mounts, self-doubt and negative thoughts creep in and that, in turn tends to reduce skills or increase tension that produces frustration. Immediate results suffer and ultimately long term success moves even further away. It is, therefore, an essential requirement to be able to raise the game of Team and individual players in tandem at a time when it is most needed and as a consistent feature of every outing.

The aims of our mental toughness programme are listed below: -
    Improve team problem solving
    System of problem solving that works in a range of situations
    Develop resistance to pressure through mental toughness
    Match preparation that increases results through winning attitudes

Mental toughness coaching is a value for money way to sustain form and handle the pressure points that are inevitable each season.

In the European Trials several players who had tried other “psychological” approaches that included lectures and advice commented spontaneously that these previous methods had produced inhibition and made matters worse

    Improved results
  Less injuries
  Lifestyle measures
  Using pressure positively
  Building sustainable results

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