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What do you mean by competencies?

Clear definitions of the skills needed to complete a task or series of tasks within a business. JFA style competencies are carefully researched and linked to the known success factors of your business. A typical competency is divided into three sections. The example below shows this for Customer Service:-

Customer Service

Works effectively, tirelessly and creatively to meet short and long term needs of all customers

Why it matters
  • Our business, both legally and morally, is built on delivering products that are supported by great after sales service that meet specific needs of our clients. This means effective, caring, responsive action by our people in direct contact with our customers and equally responsive support and systems run by their colleagues. that way we can make sure we are all equipped to do our jobs effectively.
Level One
  • Rapid first response to customer requests – agrees the process with the customer and gets the job booked and done
Level Two
  • Knows that our business relies on top class customer service so always makes it a priority
  • Gets to the heart of the matter to deliver customer service wanted by each customer (group) that matches their needs
Level Three
  • Liaises across departments to create systems and ways to make sure everyone is geared up to deliver service to specified levels
  • Defines and embraces the principles of customer service as it applies specifically to our business

Why are competencies important?




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