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We have finished refitting our shop and invite you to browse the shelves for top quality learning and development products. Any item that you choose to buy will be instantly available from our download page. Happy shopping!

Our intention has been to clearly describe each item. You might still have further questions. If so please click here and ask away. We will get back to you within a day.

If you buy three or more items you can download any or all of the other items totally free. After your purchase you will be taken to our download page where you can download your products and choose any of the others that take your fancy (except a coaching session). Enjoy!


Setting Your Learning Climate
Available on instant download
for just £9.99 (plus vat)


To start any Workshop event well you need to set your learning climate. This PowerPoint slide show gives you everything you need to make a great start. In less than five minutes your will be ready to go.

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Coaching Meeting- Per hour

Coaching is one of the best ways to support you in your work. It is a great way to reduce stress, assist in problem solving and decision making. In addition you will find you coach is an ideal sounding board able to listen openly and offer the kind of reflections and ideas that are not available in any other way: including well trusted colleagues and friends. See here for more information about coaching.

Then click below to purchase. As soon as your purchase has been made someone from JFa will give you a ring to book a suitable appointment. Alternatively you can telephone for an appointment - click here for the number or use our contacts form.


Leadership Workshop
Slides and Exercises

A complete set of slides, facilitators notes and exercises to develop leadership skills in a wide range of people.
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