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Welcome to consultjfa.com

Mental Toughness Coaching
Winning attitudes that improve form for you and your team

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Well-being through leader actions
High productivity -up by as much as 30%
lower staff turnover
engagement, creativity and support for change

We offer you state of the art leader development and team growth learning. Great teams have great leaders who look after their well-being. High well-being means high productivity, flexibility and creativity. We can show where companies like yours have improved results by 30%.

Backed by Team Leadership, Well-being and effective Performance Management your Vision will be rapidly seen in everyday business life by all your stakeholders.

Leadership led well-being
Solving the many problems
that do not have a correct, tried and tested solution
Most leaders agree that many business problems do not have tried and tested solutions. In spite of this many companies spend much time in benchmarking groups, asking what other people do and often just not trusting their own hard won expertise and judgment. That’s where we come in.

To produce and maintain great results your leaders need to build and sustain the well-being of their people. The evidence shows that to do that means action in six key areas:-

  • Sense of purpose
  • Resources & Communication
  • Control and autonomy
  • Work Relationships
  • Work Life Balance & Work Overload
  • Well Managed Change

We work with your leaders on these key skills so that they can create the solutions your business needs to keep ahead in the ever changing, fast moving operating climate of today. You will see a difference as your teams focus on achieving and having fun in a way that shows renewed energy and engagement.

Leader built well-being brings commitment
to your vision, mission and high level goals
Everyone will feel a sense of purpose bringing
engagement, persistence and staying power

  • create a coherent, shared and action focused leadership
  • use your vision to inspire
  • place well-being at the centre of your business

In our experience it is best to write your vision and mission using the metaphors of your business. For example the vision we created for The Authentic Food Company starts with “The Authentic recipe for success is…”

Well being through leader action in six key areas

Use our expertise to deliver your business goals whilst your people enjoy what they do. In a word productivity. We focus on organisation and individual learning. You will benefit from leader development linked to the six key areas shown above. We will with share the evidence so that you will know that the actions of your leaders are linked to success.

We use careful diagnosis and creative problem solving to match each solution to your precise needs using a wide range of well known, tried and tested methods. We will stick with you to make sure the expected benefits are achieved and any issues through new systems and learning are blended with your existing culture and style.

Unless of course our work is part of a wider change management project. In which case we will to use our leadership approach to bring in the changes you want. That we you will get rapid take-up.

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No sales pressure. We will discuss your needs. If you agree we will start by giving you your individual, highly trained Consultant who will oversee the project from start to finish. Typically we start by talking to you about the changes you are looking for and the benefits those changes will bring. After that we will send a proposal of work detailing our approach, the benefits you can expect, time scale and fees.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism, dedication and creativity we bring to each project making sure that we listen carefully to what you want. Organisation and personal learning are the keys to future growth and development of any business so use our expertise to provide the information that empowers you to make the right choice and necessary changes.

This is only a brief introduction to what we do. Much more detail is in the other pages on this site. Please use the links to your left to explore your interest in more depth. If you want to speak to someone please call +44 1625878756 or complete our contact form here and we will ring you. No pressure, no sales talk. Just a chat about what you want. In the unlikely event we have no helpful stuff to offer we will say so straight away: if we know someone else who can help we will let you know.

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